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KHNA-Dharma-IQ – FAQ
Q: What is KHNA Dharma IQ?
Dharma IQ is an Online Quiz Program Organized by KHNA Spiritual Committee for children studying in Grade 3 to High School who lives in North America.
Q: Can you explain the registration process?
You can register online at using your email ID.
Q: What are the Grade Categories?
Children will be categorized in to 3 groups and each group will have a separate test.
Group 1 - Grade 3-5 Elementary
Group 2 - Grade 6-8 Middle School
Group 3 – Grade 9-12 High School
Q: Is the test online? Can I take it from any remote location?
Yes the test is online and you can take it from any remote location as long as you have a compatible Laptop\Tablet\Mobile with internet connection. You need to have device for each participant
Q: How can you supervise the child while conducting the test?
We expect parents to supervise and we expect children to be faithful and answer the test in a relaxed environment.
Q: Do you have any additional verification methods to ensure the authenticity?
We may conduct a one to one "Skype Q/A Session" with the participant if required.
Additionally we may ask the participants to submit a copy of School ID
Q: Can I take the test anytime?
No, The online test is scheduled for the first week of March. Exact date and time details will be announced later
Q: What if I can't attend the test on the given Date Time?
You need to attend the Test on the specific Date Time. There will not be any re test since it is conducted on the same time across North America.
Q: What are the Topics for the Quiz?
10 Questions will be asked from Four Categories.
• Haindavam - General Questions Based on Hinduism
• Bharath - Questions based on Indian Heritage
• Purana - Questions based on Hindu Puranas
• General - Questions based on Kerala Heritage
Q: What is the structure of the test?
Test will contain 45 multiple Choice questions. 10 from each categories carry 2 marks each and 5 bonus questions carry 4 marks each. Maximum marks will be 100
Q: can you determine the winner if there is a tie?
In case of a tie we will conduct a Skype Q/A session with the participants to select the winners
Q: Do you provide any reference material?
The test covers questions in different categories and it will be hard to provide reference materials for everything. But we will send you some general reference materials once you register. Rather than testing learning skills we would like to test the knowledge of students as it is.
Q: Do I get a certificate?
Yes all participants will receive a certificate from KHNA
Q: Are there any prizes?
Yes, Top 3 students from each category will be rewarded. Prize details will be announced later
Q: How can I reset my password?
You have the option to reset the password in the website you need to follow the link send to your email ID.
Q: Can I edit my contact information or participant information online?
You need to contact us at with details to make any changes
Q: Can I enroll my Relative\Friend’s children under my account?
Legal guardian of the children has to create an account and enroll their children for the test.